Asheville & The River Arts District

Jettie Rae’s first commitment is to the community at large. It aims to serve as a place where everyone in Asheville can enjoy fresh air, green space, and delicious food.

We want to positively contribute to the revitalization of the River Arts District (RAD). By strengthening the bond between the RAD and the French Broad River, residents of Asheville have expanded access to the greenway and riverfront. Jettie Rae’s creates the opportunity for more local cultural events driving people and dollars to the RAD economy. Our building is designed to blend in with the architectural character of the neighborhood, and we are within walking distance of other shops, restaurants, and breweries in the RAD.



RiverLink originally owned the land that will one day house Jettie Rae's. They are not a partner in our venture, but definitely a leader in conserving, inspiring and encouraging our community to visit and enjoy its river. We are eternally grateful for the work this organization does in our community and want to continue to support them long after this transaction is complete. Join us.

We are committed to investing in their mission in the following ways: 

  1. Fundraising party twice a year

  2. Establishing the Jettie Rae’s “Round Up” program at the cash register 

  3. Installing spare change donation boxes around the property

Whether you enjoy music by the French Broad River, round up your Jettie Rae’s food and beverage purchase, or donate the extra change from your pocket as you stroll by a donation box, we will use raised funds to ensure RiverLink receives consistent financial support.

Inspiration Creates a Path for Progress

Thoughtful change stems from inspiration, and we have taken a cue from other positive impact riverfront projects around the country. Check out these examples…

atlanta beltline

the atlanta beltline

The Atlanta BeltLine is a 22-mile loop connecting 45 neighborhoods to create a more sustainable and equitable city. Twenty years in, the project has created 12 miles of trails, 315 acres of parks, 2,682 affordable housing units and $4.6 billion in economic development.

Why was this project created? It evolved from just an idea from a graduate student, to a grassroots campaign of local citizens and civic leaders, into a robust new vision of an Atlanta dedicated to transportation, land use, greenspace, and sustainable growth.

Read their 2018 report >>


Memphis riverfront

The Memphis Riverfront Concept describes how six miles of the city’s Mississippi riverfront can become a signature network of spaces and opportunities, tied into the city and its assets, that benefits the entire community and lifts Memphis as a whole.

Why is this being created? The three design principles of this project are to foster positive encounters, civic pride and identity, and new understanding of the Mississippi River; restore natural conditions, native ecology, and a more dynamic relationship between people and the river; and connect assets along the river, the riverfront to the city, and people with each other.

Learn more about this ongoing project >>


The Los Angeles River Revitalization Project

Covering 51 miles of river, 32 of which flow through Los Angeles, this project creates a framework for the creation of land use guidelines, economic development opportunities for River-adjacent communities, new recreational spaces, habitat protection areas, and storm water management features to help control flooding in the rainy seasons.

Why is this being created? The project began in 2002 when the Los Angeles City Council established a committee to coordinate River-related improvements and projects, as well as attract citywide support.

Learn more >>