AVLtoday Meets With Jettie Rae's Leadership Team

Local media group AVLtoday met with the Jettie Rae’s leadership team at the proposed riverside restaurant site on Tuesday, August 27. The visit provided a valuable opportunity to express our purpose and passion for this community-forward project. In their video, you’ll hear more about how Jettie Rae’s will provide a safe space for local Ashevillians to congregate, eat, and enjoy the place we call home all while increasing the revitalization and accessibility efforts in the RAD.

This space will be mindfully activated for everyone in our beloved city and Jettie Rae’s remains committed to answering your questions and concerns about this project. Please visit our FAQs, reach out and contact us, and join us on September 4 at the Planning and Zoning Commission meeting. As a team comprised entirely of locals, our mission is to serve the community at large with transparency and integrity.

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