Show Your Support at the Next Asheville Planning & Zoning Meeting September 4

When starting any new project, questions, confusion, and assumptions are expected—especially when it’s a development project in Asheville. It’s sensitive and sacred territory. That’s why the Jettie Rae’s team created a handy Fact Sheet for the public and is inviting you to join us at the upcoming City of Asheville’s Planning & Zoning Commission Meeting September 4. 

If you have initial concerns about this labor of love, this gift we locals want to give you locals, we hope this fact sheet will help begin the process of understanding what our goals are for the Jettie Rae’s restaurant concept. Furthermore, the Jettie Rae’s team welcomes you to join us at the P&Z Meeting because this is a transparent process, a goodwill concept, an activated open space, and unique restaurant for all to enjoy. 

We also hope that many of you already see this project as we do, and that you believe Jettie Rae’s will be an exciting, vital, and inspiring place to be with your neighbors, friends, and family. We invite you to speak up and show your support for us at the September 4 Planning and Zoning meeting, as well. Jettie Rae’s needs and wants your enthusiasm. Raise your voice and let others know that you see the same vision we do.

Still have questions? Contact us or look to our FAQs.

Jettie Rae’s Get Your Facts Sheet

Jettie Rae’s Get Your Facts Sheet

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