Jettie Rae’s mission is to create a community and restaurant experience that does not currently exist in Asheville. While bringing people together over great food in the River Arts District, Jettie Rae’s aims to protect and provide open-air green space that serves as a destination for friends, families, and neighbors. We strive to make a positive impact along the French Broad River while caring for the land and maintaining a sustainable footprint. Jettie Rae’s also prepares and offers economically friendly, seasonal, and fresh seafood. We envision a unique opportunity to preserve the culture of our vibrant city and bring together our diverse populations.



1. We are committed to being good stewards of THE french broad river and its riverfront.

2. We are committed to honor the people and businesses whose many years of hard work and dedication created the River arts district as we know it today.

3. We are committed to being contributors and synergistic partners to those who have come before us in the River Arts District.

4. We are committed to giving back to RiverLink with dedicated fundraising efforts and events.

5. We are committed to being contributing members of the river arts district business association.

6. We are committed to creating a safe space for residents and visitors alike to visit and connect to the River Arts District.




Jettie Rae’s is devoted to eco-friendly design and mindful practices. Though we are permitted to build on 80% of the project’s land, our concept purposely only uses 8% of the property. Jettie Rae’s made this decision to optimize the open space experience while also keeping our footprint small. 

Additionally, our restaurant will be built behind the flood line and will source reclaimed or sustainable materials for the entire structure, minimizing the impact on the immediate environment.

This property is an existing impacted site that is classified as a recycled industrial area with an existing concrete pad. We chose not to touch the concrete pad and instead turn it into parking, leaving this section undisturbed.

As we see it, Jettie Rae’s is respectfully nurturing a piece of land to give back to the community it will serve.

Located at 144 Riverside Drive, the land (pictured here in August 2019) will be activated open space, welcoming the community to enjoy the river.

Located at 144 Riverside Drive, the land (pictured here in August 2019) will be activated open space, welcoming the community to enjoy the river.



Jettie Rae’s is locally owned, created, and supported. Our restaurant, under the guidance of community catalyst and acclaimed restaurateur, Eric Scheffer, provides opportunities for locals interested in furthering their culinary careers. Our management team has a collective track record of leading community-driven, positive impact initiatives and development projects. 

We love our city and our protected lands. Our attitude is one of respect for our planet and for our community as a whole. We give back and we pay it forward. We plan on being great stewards of this land, respecting both the river and the people that frequent its banks. That’s our goal for Jettie Rae’s. 


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