Where Freshwater Meets Saltwater
in the River Arts District





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The Jettie Rae’s Experience

Imagine a casual afternoon relaxing by the river and enjoying a meal with friends and family. River rafts lazily drift by on the water, kayakers wave to you as they float past, and nearby families play and lounge under riverfront trees and in the open sunny field. High-quality, sustainable food inspired by an East Coast seafood heritage fills your plate, complemented by fresh seasonal produce. 

This is a place where freshwater meets saltwater: where Long Island clam bars, Maryland crab houses, waterfront oyster bars, New England lobster shacks, Louisiana seafood shanties, low-country boils, and oyster roasts come together. Coastal seafood from the shores of Maine down to the Gulf Coast and at times beyond mingle together in briny harmony. Welcome to Jettie Rae’s Fish n’ Such.

In a city known for its lively music, food, and outdoor scene, this riverfront restaurant welcomes you to a new community experience created by the imaginative use of activated open space. Jettie Rae’s brings ALL of Asheville’s residents together while committed to sustainable practices, stewardship, and affordable food accessible to everyone.

20180828 jetties render.jpg

Relax, Eat, and Play Along the French Broad River

Jettie Rae’s is a small-footprint seafood restaurant with a publicly accessible open-air pavilion, public restrooms, expansive green space, and two Airstream popups to provide an inclusive experience for the community. The property amenities are situated as close to public transit as possible, and free for all to enjoy.

The proposed square footage of Jettie Rae’s restaurant is 5500 square feet, which breaks down as follows:

  • 1st Floor Restaurant footprint = 2,025 s.f. 
    950 s.f. as Kitchen
    1,075 s.f. as four-season Porch Dining

  • 2nd Floor Restaurant = 2,750 s.f.
    1,700 as Covered and Open Dining Deck

    1,050 s.f. as four-season Porch Dining

  • The remaining square footage consists of roof overhangs and awnings.

Jettie Rae’s is designed to enhance the overall enjoyment of the French Broad River while at the same time helping to preserve it. Located at 144 Riverside Drive in the River Arts District adjacent to the Greenway, we contribute to the ongoing revitalization of a beloved part of our city’s eclectic history. 

As the city’s greenway develops into the future, residents will welcome places where they can stroll, bike, hop off the bus, or pull kayaks ashore for an affordable meal in a comfortable setting. 


Built By Locals for Locals

Jettie Rae’s is built by Asheville locals for Asheville locals. It is our sense of place, our love of food, our appreciation of the natural environment, and our dedication to community that motivates this unique restaurant concept. 

Every decision made—-from the materials we use to the people with whom we work to the ingredients we source-—is deliberate. Providing our community with a restaurant in activated open space along the French Broad that is inclusive, equitable, and safe is the greatest gift we can imagine giving.

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